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Tweaking Retension Plan?

Hi, I have a question that hopefully one of you can answer. I got a retention plan from a friend which is pretty good. Unlimited Talk, Text and Data 4GB ($80 regular price), Unlimited Canadian LD ($10 regular price) talk for total of $60. If i call up my service provider and change this plan to 2GB (regular price $70), will my bill show $50 cuz of $10 difference in plan? In other words, once I get a retension plan, can I tweak some of the stuff in the plan with the service provider and save little more money on the bill? If i already switched the plan, can i switch back to the old plan that retension offered after talking to the service provider, and get the discount back with the plan price of $60? Please advice! Thanks!

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I really do not know what plan you are talking about, Koodo does not offer special plans or Retention plans... What you see on the website is what is available to all the clients... Check the website for promotions since either way Koodo's plans are extremely competitive compared to other providers...
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Well, to answer your question... more than likely you'll have to fight with the retention department at whichever provider you're talking about to get it back. Koodo doesn't have retention plans. The prices and add-ons you mentioned are consistent with Robellus's offerings.
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I gather you re not with koodo right now. Either way once switch off a "retention plan", whoever is offering it you won't be able to go back easily. Koodo actually has some pretty good promos right now $60 would get you unlimited nationwide talk, unlimited tex with international text included and 2gb data, voicemail, calldisplay.
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Hey Adds, we do not have retention plans. The plans that you see on the website is what you get. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.