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Turn off Preauthorized payments - Help :(

Hello, I have been using preauthorized payments for most of my time with Koodo, and I have found that it is not a super reliable service, as the bill does not come out on a consistent day each month. I would like to switch from preauthorized payments to manual bill payment, but there is no option through Self Serve. Is this something I have to do at a Koodo store? Thank you very much! Your cell service has been pretty good otherwise. Katie

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You'll need to call into customer service to take it off. Telus has the same situation. I called them to remove it last month. I wish the option was available in Self Serve. I feel like I suggested it a long time ago.
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You have to call in to cancel Pre-Authorized payments. *611 from your phone 🙂 There are great Ideas to do this through self serve. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/cancel_pre_authorized_payments_in_self_serve