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Trouble linking accounts

I recently added a third phone to the family for my wife. I am trying to link her number to our this account to get one bill. When I attempt to link the account I get an error message that a valid 8 digit account number needs to be entered and a Postal code. I am entering the account number as shown on the agreement and there is no field for entering a Postal Code.

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Try refreshing the page, it's definitly supposed to be there. If it still doesn't show up try clearing the cache, history and cookies from your browser and try again from a fresh window. Speaking of the browser, are you using Internet Explorer or Firefox? Those are preferred.
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I don't think you need to link the accounts if you already added it to yours. It should be done automatically.
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How did you add her account? Did you add her account at a store? Then you should ask store rep to add her under your account. If she has her own account now and you want to put her account under yours to get one bill , it's technically " transfer of ownership" and you need to call Koodo ( *611)to do it and cost you $25 fee. But since you mentioned " I recently added a third phone to the family....." , I would tell them that you wanted add her under your account at first place then ask them if they can waive the fee to do this process. (there is no guarantee though). Add: I should ask you " How did you activate her account?"