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we live in newfoundland and are going to alberta for 3 weeks what are the charges to use the cell phone for local calls in alberta also long distance charges to newfoundland

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That would all depend on your plan. If your plan is a Canada Wide plan, you can use your phone as normal since Canada would be your local area. No additional charges. Can you tell us what is the exact name of your plan? Just so we can be sure and give the accurate details needed to avoid any surprises.
topic ok just require info
as above
as above
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I understand that but the info I gave would be if you had a Canada Wide plan. If you do not have a Canada wide plan, there would be long distance charges depending on your plan. They can range from $0.35/minute to $0.50/minute, again...all depends on your plan.
our plan is canada wide 25 how much time do we have
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Hi there... Just remember that this is a public Forum so try not to post personal info like numbers or account numbers... With the plan that you have, you will be able to use your phone anywhere in Canada dn as long as you stay within your minutes, you won't pay for LD distance... You local calling zone is CANADA! so calling in Alberta, Calling in NF, does not make a difference... Enjoy!