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  • 17 September 2019
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I noticed on my wife’s and my bill that we were hit with .02mb to 0.06mb of data while in USA and Japan, even though we disabled Data Roaming and had WIFI all the time. We see connection fees at time we know we were home or sleeping.

PROBLEM - If you signed up for Koodo's US Easy Roam $10, or International Raoming $12, you would be billed for the littlest data connection. BUT if you didn’t, you lucked out with a 25¢ data fee.

Before my trip, i was able to remove International Roaming but not US Roaming.

So i got hit with $10 one time for mysteriously connected to US and using .02mb. While in Japan, i mysteriously connected like 5 times and paid only the 25¢ to 50¢.
This happened many times last year when i was in Japan, I didn’t argue it and just assumed stupidity that somehow the kids turned on Data Roaming.

Look for Data around 0.02mpbs to 0.06mpbs.
Iphone or Koodo is tracking us while we are away and charging us for the check-in?

CONCLUSION. You save money if you turned off their Rasy Roam Feature.

BEWARE. Check your phone bill after your vacation. You will probably see a 0.02 - 0.05Mbps download.
Call KOODO and get your refund.

QUESTION - Why are our phones secretly connecting to Cellular Data even with Roaming Off? Even when on Wifi.??

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Hey, I had the same problem happen to me. Didn't care much about that money but still is weird. @Chris Koodo, remember when I had the same thing happen to me? Seems like we now know why it only charged me peanuts.