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Traveling Between Time Zones - When do my evenings start?

I am currently visiting Alberta but live in and have my phone contract from Manitoba. I have the Canada Long Distance Plan where my free evenings start at 7pm. My question is, is this 7pm based on local time- wherever I am, or does it stay rooted to CST where my phone is from?

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It will be based on the local time.
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As long as your phone has grabbed the time from said timezone(usually it does it as soon, or shortly after you cross the zones) it would start at the local time!
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It would be based on the cell towers. So depending on where the towers are near the time zone border it may be further in or well before you reach the actual border for the time zone to take on your phone. If your phone's time is set by the network, that would be the official time. I fly between Winnipeg and Edmonton often. Since they are not near a border this should not be an issue. Basically it's local time
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Although its based on local time, your phone won't show the local time unless it is set to get this info Automatically/from network. If you have it manually set, it will still be local time even though your phone won't tell you what the local time is.