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Transfering a promo in the same account

Here is the deal: -I have a prepaid plan with koodo -My mother has a promo plan that does not exist anymore: 35$/m unlimited minutes/text and 1gb data There is a promo right now: 40$/m unlimited minutes/text 2gb data My mother would like to change her plan to the 2gb promo one, I would like to add a line to her account (don't mind changing number) and I would like to get her current 35$/1gb plan Is that possible in any way? Thanks

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The only way in which that can be done is if your mother doesn't mind changing her number... You can open a new line for her and take over her promo plan. Ironically you can get to keep your number by porting it in 🙂
Well she is the one who needs to keep her number because of work and stuff... Kinda sucks we can't do it 😞
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Unlimited minutes with 2 GB is $55 tho.
$40 plan is 500 min, unlimited texts and 500 MB data.  
OR $40 with unlimited min + texts
I'm in quebec, the promo is different 🙂
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Charles-Édouard Chevrier wrote:

I'm in quebec, the promo is different :)

Oh, nice.  You are lucky (^_^)