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Trade-in your old phone now, and you'll also receive a $50 gift

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So I get an email saying "Thinking about upgrading your phone? We have some great new phones, and great new offers, that you really should check out. Trade-in your old phone now, and you'll also receive a $50.gift" Yet when I inquire about it at the Koodo store in the mall, the Lady there tells me that it's only for Flagship stores. Which of course is about 4 hours away. Why would Koodo do something so stupid as to send that out if a good number of there users can use it? I emailed them but haven't got a response as of yet. And the offer is only valid for another 2 days and of course the phone I was going to get is out of stock.

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I got that email too and no mention of flagship store. Copied/pasted the small print of the email for you. You have email on your phone, yes? I'd go back and show them. Maybe the rep got confused with something else-:) 1) Non-transferable in-store accessories credit. Must be used at the time of trade-in. All trades are final. No cash value. Cannot be combined with any other offer. (2) Subject to approved credit. (3) Subject to approved credit. A monthly $5 Tab Charge applies until your Tab balance reaches zero.
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What's a flagship store? Do they mean offer only available at koodo store and not at other stores like future shop that also sells koodo?
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I think Flagship Store is more like a big showcase store. I printed it off and am going to bring it with me and see what happens.
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Hi there, this offer is indeed only valid in a Koodo shop, as indicated on the email ("Print off this email and bring it to any Koodo Shop location to redeem."). Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Yannick's answer doesn't really clear up the confusion as to what is a "Koodo Shop location". To most people, this would include Walmart, Future Shop, etc. But for some Koodo services -- repairs, for example -- you must go to a strictly Koodo shop not a "retail location" that sells Koodo plans along with others . The email offer requires you to go to a Koodo Shop, not a "retail location". Here is a link to help you find the Koodo shop nearest you: http://koodomobile.com/en/on/storelocator.shtml Simply type in your postal code, select, say, a 10 km search distance and click "go". You will see all the Koodo shops (and retail locations) near you. To take advantage of your email offer, go to a location designated as a "Koodo Shop". Hope this helps!