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Too Much!

I just received my bill and there is 141 minutes of air time. but I can't find anywhere where it tells me who i called or what added up to it. I'm so confused. Can someone help me find out where/how i racked up so much time? Cause i don't remember. 😞

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It should be on ebill. Login to your self serve account and click on View Your bill. Your details about who and when a was made will be on your last page
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At the end of your e-bill you'll have a detailed list of every call you've made. It can be downloaded via self-serve.
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In Self-Serve: 1- Click on the Billing tab 2- Then click on the E-Bill subtab 3- Select the e-bill you wish to view In the e-bill, you will find all the calls you've made and the duration starting on page 3 and onwards.