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To what degree can one depend on Koodo's Data Usage Warnings?

I've had issues with accuracy re: Data Usage with another carrier - expensive issues! I use Data but am willing to reduce the amount I do so to save some money. With only 1GB available to me, I would definitely need to know I can count on Koodo to keep me reliably and accurately updated right away. What has been your experience in this regard?

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When using a block of data, you would get two text messages: 75% of your allotted data limit Then 95% of your allotted data limit After the limit has been reached, you will get two more: One at $10 over the limit Then one at $50 over the limit. Depending on your phone, I would also get the 3g Watchdog app to help as well as the usage chart in your phone and have the app and internal chart have the same cycle as your Koodo service
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The Data Alerts is a courtesy from Koodo to help you out to have a steady bill every month, but this do not replace the usage of SELF SERVE either on your computer or on the APP... The info you see there is accurate but is not Real Time, and the delays can go up to 12 hours from the last usage, so as suggested, you may get an app to help you out or some phones have already the way to set up data alerts, just make sure you know when your billing cycle starts and set it up...
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Get the koodo app. Yhe latest version has a time stamp of your last update and it may not be real time it's still pretty good. 4 out 5 star on over 400 reviews. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koodo.selfserve&hl=en