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This international add-on for $3 was deleted in Jan/ 2017. Why does it still appear in my statement?

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Hi Brian - I see that the LD saver was added to your account on Dec. 3, but there's been no indication to have it removed since. If you no longer need this, it can be removed at any time through your self serve account.
I have[i] attempted to remove it in Jan, Feb and March, and have given up.  I am out of the country and do not use my phone so only wanted to reduce my charges to the minimum.  I have tried using my self serve account unsuccessfully.
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brian wood wrote:

I have[i] attempted to remove it in Jan, Feb and March, and have given up.  I am out of the ...

@Brian. If you call in explaining that you tried and were unsuccessful at removing it via self serve, they should be able to remove it at no charge.
since you're out of the country and not using your Koodo phone, you could suspend the line or port the number to a 3rd party VOIP carrier, then port it back to Koodo upon returning to Canada.
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What does it tell you when you attempt to remove it? What device have you tried to remove it on?
Tried to remove it on computer which is all I have to use in U.S. but did try in Jan bin Canada.  Could not find access to delete with information given yesterday.
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