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Thinking of switching carriers

Do you offer incentives for switching company's?

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The only thing some stores offer is a.gift certificate when you buy a phone, Thomas. Other than that, you pretty much get what you see 🙂
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Hi Thomas,

Koodo doesn't offer anything in regards to someone switching like paying off your contract with another provider. Here are a few things that are available to you when becoming a new Koodo customer:

1.When signing up they do offer a.gift card with certain phones to help purchase items for your phone, which can help when switching from another provider.

2. You could get your old phone unlocked and bring it to Koodo, you would qualify for the No Tab discount of 10% off your monthly plan, and

3. If you know someone who is with Koodo you could also have them refer you to Koodo before you sign up and get 25 tab credits off your tab balance, granted you'd have to buy a new phone to qualify for the tab credits.

Hope that helps 🙂