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There's no other method payment than credit card?

ok, thanks for asking me, now I know that you don't accept foreign credit cards; my daughter is an exchange student, she have a mexican debit card only. The person thats sold the phone didn't mention NOTHING ABOUT THE PAYMENT METOD.. Now, we have to pay the first month of the plan, to switch to a prepaid plan; PLEASE, TELL ME WHAT OTHER OPTIONS WE HAVE TO PAY, we can't pay with cash or debit in a bank or directly in a store? this is not possible! please tell us what to do! Thank you.

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Hi Dib, For sure you can use different methods to pay your Koodo bill, see this page for all your options: http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/billing-and-payment-options/how-can-i-pay-my-bill In fact there are far more ways to pay on postpaid than on prepaid 🙂
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You can pay with a prepaid credit card. And yes, you can pay cash at a bank - just bring the invoice with you!