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The PLUS plan conundrum?

I love Koodo, but here's what I don't get: With the new system, why can't I get a PLUS tab, but with a plan that I choose? I understand that the tab is there to pay off my phone, but I'm looking to upgrade my iPhone 4 to an iPhone 6 come autumn. I've done the calculations, and even with an iPhone 64gig, it works out with the $21 Tab. Why restrict me to the "Tab Plus" plans when I'm already a loyal Koodo member? ...and it's not just me asking this. Other than that...much love!

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Because profits... Koodo is a business and they've done the maths. They need to squeeze as much profit from you as they can while still trying to be reasonable about it. And since they aren't charging interest in the tab plus loan, they will restrict you to higher value plans so they can be rewarded for loaning you the money for the phone. As much as they want you to choose happy, they still need to pay off shareholders and have infinite growth year to year.