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The **** number so I can **** call

Turn on my **** phone I made a **** payment

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Could you provide some more detail to what's going on? Does your phone display no service? Did you get a notice saying your account has been suspended? Also the friendly you are with us the friendlier we will be back. We are customers just like you.
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Payments made in Self Serve are immediately reflected on your account, and service is restored within an hour, when the account has been suspended. (You may have to restart your phone). You can also make a direct payment by dialing #227. Payments made through your bank can take 3-5 business days to be processed. If your account is in 'suspend' status, service is not restored until payment is received in full.

Also, please reference the community guidelines here.
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*edit* Ranjan beat me to it....again. 😛