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"Text Msg - Sent" charges increase continually!

My "Text Msg - Sent" charges continue to go up. I'm trying to understand why? I haven't texted any pictures this month, but yet my charge is $15.90? I only texted 156 messages..... Can someone explain this, or should I contact Koodo to discuss?

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Are you on an older plan that only comes with 50 text messages sent? In that case you would have gone over your allotted bucket by 106 messages. Switch to a plan that has unlimited messaging to avoid this.
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You're getting charged 15 cents for every text message sent beyond your allotted 50 text message limit. You may want to consider Rudy's suggestion.
Thanks. I've just changed my plan to unlimited texting. My original plan was 5 years old and only had 50 free messages. Thanks again for the free advice!