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Text Charges overseas

HOw do I text when in another country (Europe)? Do I dial as if I was in Canada? How are texts charged, by message regardless of the lenght of the message?

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dial as if you are in Canada, texts will be charged at a rate of $0.60/message. Text messages longer than 160 characters will automatically converted to an MMS message or, more likely, split up into multiple sms messages of 156 characters or less, in which case you will be charged $0.60 for each of the multiple messages.
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$0.60 per text for both sending and receiving. Even if you do no open the received text, it still counts. If the messages exceed 140 characters, they would either be sent/received as a multimedia message or two or more spearate texts.
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Just text as normal. $0.60 to send a message and $0.60 to receive a message. It can get quite expensive and there are no add-ons to make it cheaper. Its 1 message, up to 160 characters for $0.60 basically. If you want to call or use data as well, you need to add the international data roaming and international voice roaming add-ons, as well as the "LD saver" add-on.