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Temporary Monthly Plan change

Can I change my monthly plan (to a more expensive plan) for just a short period of time and then switch back to my original plan for the next billing cycle? (my original plan is no longer offered so I'm scared to bump to another plan and then never get my original plan back). My situation is that I know I will exceed my data and minutes, so I want a bigger plan to get me through the remaining billing cycle. But for the next billing cycle I want to go back down to my original plan because my usage will return to normal.

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Hi Amanda, That is possible. However, I wouldn’t suggest it since it would make you lose your current expired plan. Also, changing a rate plan in the middle of a billing cycle would cause pro ration and might result in a high bill. Hope this helps Christian D
No, you won't be able to do that. The amount that you have in your rate plan is for a full billing cycle. So when you switch from your old plan, you are charged extra additional usage on top of what you've already gone over (iirc). On the new plan, you wouldn't have the full amount of usage, only what would be remaining in the billing cycle. Plus you would not be able to switch back to your old plan if it's expired.
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Marcus Fenix wrote:

No, you won't be able to do that. The amount that you have in your rate plan is for a full billin...

To clarify, what actually happens is that when you change your plan the minutes you were allowed for the month get prorated based on how much of the month is left. If you're already over this means that more of the minutes you have already used will count as overage. The effect is the same, just wanted to clarify the mechanism.