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Tell us which day you're taking our bill out of our bank

With preauthorized payments, make it clear which day the money will be taken from the bank account. I got caught one day where I had to make a large bill payment to a company one day but I was getting paid the very next day, however my phone bill came out the same day and so I got charged NSF from both the bank and Koodo ($70 total, more than my phone bill even was) because I didn't know my phone bill was coming out that day and I didn't have enough in the account.

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Normally, you can log into your account online and it will tell you when it is.
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Your payment will be taken from your account on the due date of the bill. This will be 5 days before the closing date of your next bill cycle, unless that falls on a weekend or holiday in which case it will be the next business day.