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Hi my name is Jessie. I was with sirius satilitte for about 4 months and I was called by 9 different telemarketers. I was charged 42:00 for being called. I dont think that should be charged. How do I go about changing that and getting them to charge the last 42:00 back to my koodo tab?

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If you want to dispute your charges, call Koodo at *611 from your Koodo phone. No offence, but 9 calls would and should only be 9 minutes max. Because you should be hanging up in less than the first minute if you actually don't want to talk to these people. It's going to be harder to prove that you "accidentally" used 42 minutes on 9 telemarketer calls. That's on average almost 5 minutes per call. I do have to tell you that regardless, you still answered the phone calls and they are your responsibility but Koodo may give you a one-time credit. Good luck
yes but it came up as unknown called. I talked to 9 diferent people and 9 different people told me I would be taken off their calling list and they didnt. They kept calling so I decided to call them back and gave them shit. They should be reimpersing me that 42 minutes!
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Since Koodo has nothing to do with Sirius calling you or other telemarketers calling you, I don't really understand why they should be wiping of charges for calls you decided to make. As Ahmad said your calls should have been short and probably would have cost next to nothing, but you stayed on the call longer, and then even decided to call them back knowing it would use your airtime.
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Mark Kokolsky wrote:

Since Koodo has nothing to do with Sirius calling you or other telemarketers calling you, I don't...

Yeah... it's not really Koodo's fault that telemarketers are calling you. Talk to Sirius so they don't call you again or just don't answer your phone when strange numbers call you(?).
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I agree with Mark. Call and complain to Sirius about the cost from calls and getting them to reimburse you for that, although by the sounds of it you talked to them all for a good amount of time, instead of like Ahmad said a minute or so each just to tell them to take you off the calling list, therefore I could see them having a problem with reimbursing you because you were the one that continued to talk with said reps for that long. At least 4.5 minutes each rep.