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Tax Exempt Policy

  • 17 October 2020
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I’m a recently returning Koodo mobile customer who previously has been with Koodo for 2 years. I want to ask and get some help regarding the current tax exempt policy for Indigenous people.  As I said I was with Koodo previously for 2 years, at that time at the beginning of my mobile plan I was able to fill and complete the customer tax exempt form and submitted my Certificate of Indian Status Card to a Koodo email for approval. My tax exempt form was approved and worked for every bill for the next 2 years as a Koodo customer. I left Koodo for another carrier with a better plan, but after a day Koodo was able to offer me an even better plan so a switched back. Now I’m trying to submit my customer tax exempt form again as my current Koodo account doesn’t  have my old one on file. But after speaking to a rep on the phone and being supplied with the form and email address to submit my form. I got a return email saying that I have to have an address on-reserve to be approved for a tax exempt. Which I did not have to be previously. Nor does Virgin mobile, Fido, Bell, or Freedom says since I checked with them and was stated that I can be off-reserve and receive tax exemption on my mobile bill. So in summary, I’m an off-reserve Indigenous person and submitting a tax exempt form to taxexempt@koodomobile.com, but got a return email saying I need an on-reserve address to be approved which I previously did not need before. I’m positive this isn't the case now so I need some help with my issue.

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2 replies

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TO be honest, not sure a lot of people here know about that. Your best bet is to send the exact same e-mail to the tax exempt e-mail address. Maybe the policy changed.

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Hello Thane,


You will have to schedule a callback with one of my colleagues from Customer Care department because they need to send you an email with the tax exemption form. You will have to check in trash or junk folder as well as inbox for reception.

After that, you will have to print it and once the form has been filled out, scan the form and the required pieces of ID.

You will have to email the documents to taxexemption@koodomobile.com.


All the best,