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TAB still being charged

  • 14 September 2020
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Last month my tab balance was paid and I actually have a small credit. This month my bill shows no credit and I’m still being charged a tab fee. I have a screen shot of my Tab History to prove my point. How do I get this issue corrected? I’ve tried to schedule a callback but the system says there are too many requests.


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5 replies

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If you check your self-serve “my tab balance” it'll give you a history of your tab. If it is clear that you should be zero then you can send a private message to Koodo via Facebook messenger or dm via Twitter to get it sorted out.

Hi Goran, I’m a bit older than most clients and I do not have a Facebook or Twitter account.  How can i get some simple customer service to get a Koodo rep to look at my tab history and clearly see that I should not be billed anymore?  This issue should not ever happen.  Thanking you for your prompt reply.

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Unfortunately this is a public forum so assistance options here are limited. If your email you used for a forum account is the same as what you used for your self-serve, then à Rep here could look for it. Koodo bills itself as a brand where you help yourself out more. The intent is to be more capable of you handling things without seeking a call.

Having said that, getting a basic twitter account is no harder than setting up an account for this forum. You would just seek out Koodo and send a message. That's if your forum email differs.


Sometimes people think they're paid off when they really do have a month left and sometimes it is a glitch. It should never happen but keep in mind that quality control is never 100%.

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Can you login to your self serve and take a screen shot of your tab payment history and post it on here?

Hi, no need anymore. I was able to get on the callback list and a nice representative explained as follows.

When a TAB balance reaches zero, this means that the TAB will now be paid off with my new current bill. So what was not clear to me before is that the TAB balance shown is actually looking forward to the next billing period.  Thus when I pay my current bill with the TAB charge, then I’m cleared of any further charges. I’ll actually get a couple of bucks credit since my last TAB balance was less than the monthly charge.  

So my next bill should show that all is correct. 

Thanks for asking,