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I was on an iphone 3yr plan but was able to complain and get a tab and a new phone. Now with the tab on my account how come my amount I'm paying for my bill doesn't go towards that tab to make it 0.00?

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Hard to say without being able to see the account... A couple of things that come to my mind but the best thing to do is Call Customer Service to see the exact reason... Everything has a solution, so expose your case and we will fix it for you!!!
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How many months have you been on the Tab system? Each month it should go down but if it's your first cycle on Tab it might not yet be reflected.
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Hey James, payments are never made towards the tab. Only the bill amount (15%) before credits, late fees & taxes is applied towards the tab balance. John has an excellent point. If you have only just switched from the Iphone 3 year term plan(remember that there is a cancellation fee that is applied when switching from the 3 year term to another rate plan), then you will need to wait until your next bill for the tab contributions to take affect.
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