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Tab charge on free phone?

When first signed contract, told phone was free so why is there a $5 Tab charge each month?

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Hi Rhonda, there is no such thing as free 🙂 From the sounds of it, you probably signed up for the Tab Medium, meaning that you received a $300 phone without paying anything up front for the phone. $5 is paid by you (hence the $5 Tab charge) and 15% of every bill is contributed by Koodo. Within two years the phone will be paid off.
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What they probably meant is that you don't have to pay up front for the phone.. The tab medium which you're probably on requires you to pay $5 per month extra, which, along with the automatic 15% of your bill, goes to pay off the tab.
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It's on the very first page of the agreement that you signed in store + the rep should have explained that before he/she sold you the phone.