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Switching phones and I don't want to pay two bills

Is there any easy way to cancel my current plan on my BlackBerry, so I don't end up having to pay two phone bills when I receive my new phone? The BlackBerry is already paid out, and I'm a post-paid customer, so is it just a matter of calling Customer Service and having them de-activate the phone and plan?

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Wait... what do you mean by 2 phone bills when you receive your new phone? If you upgraded with Koodo, you have nothing to fear. You'll simply continue on with your bill the way it always was (unless you changed plans, then you'll see pro-ration). It may, however, require a SIM card change if you got a phone that uses a micro SIM or vice versa. If you cancelled and/or ported out your # then honestly there's no way around the double bill thing. Either you'll wait until the end of your billing cycle date, at which point you would have used the rest of the month's services anyway, or you sart fresh with a new carrier and pay out the last month from Koodo anyway.
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You don't pay 2 bills unless you opened up a new account with koodo when you got the new phone.
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Also if you already paid off your BB, you might have a positive tab. You can use it towards a new phone.