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switching from virgin to koodoo with an existing contract

I'm very displeased with virgin and their billing system. I would like to consider using Koodoo but I currently have an existing contract with virgin. Is there something Koodoo can do so I can avoid the buyout of my contract with virgin?

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Nope. If you want to cancel with Virgin, you must pay the cancelation fee.
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Are you an older 3 year contract with virgin Neil? How many months do you have left on it? What you are would actually pay by buying out is the phone. But once it's yours you can have it easily unlocked and bring it to koodo. That you won't need a new phone and koodo would give you 10% off any plan you choose just for bringing your own phone. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/switch2koodo.shtml
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baby idiot wrote:

Usually you can't come out of the contract until it expire... you have to put forward a request t...

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