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Suggestion to improve your customer invoice

Hi, Would you please forward this really beneficial idea to your billing department architects? On your Koodo monthly invoice, please add a "Total" field for the air time minutes used. You total all the other columns on that detail section o f the report but somehow omit the most useful statistic. I would like to know how many total air time minutes I actually used on the final invoice. Thank you Jim Perkins

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This information is provided on the summary page of each line in your account. Just after your plan description. For ninjas (should've been for instance but ninjas is what SwiftKey wanted) :

Hi Chad, So sorry to have made such an obvious suggestion that already is implemented 🙂 I completely missed that detail in the bill. Thanks for pointing it out to me. Maybe I should get my eyes checked soon LOL. Jim
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Hi Jim,
Thanks for submitting your idea regardless of if it was already available. Ideas are what make Koodo better. Glad to have you on the Community!