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I am a professional web site developer, and I pay my bills online by credit card. On several occasions, I have been mystified by my bill, as it seemed that previous payments had not been received. Today, my balance was $234 even though I was absolutely positively 100% certain that I had paid the full balance last month. When paying today, my wife was watching and she spotted the problem - I failed to complete the "Confirmation" step in the credit payment sequence. Presumably, this isn't the first time I've made that mistake. I would respectfully suggest that if it is not clear to a professional web site designer when a credit card transaction has been committed, then there is something missing in the corresponding web pages. Perhaps you should have a look at this! You might find that people will be paying their bills on time more often! Oh, and thanks for the $30 reconnection fee! Much appreciated! The person who pressed that button must have a very high salary.

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yes this should be rectified as soon as possible just a little FYIL the $30 r/c fee is automtaically charged to the account after it has been resumed
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HippieLongstocking wrote:

yes this should be rectified as soon as possible just a little FYIL the $30 r/c fee is automta...

Hey KST, the recon fee is now $35 😉.
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Hi mboyle, Good idea. For future ideas post to the idea section of the forum. - KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)
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Hey mboyle, I changed the topic to Idea so it shows up there. If you disagree with the recon fee, you can call out Customer Care team (*611 Option 4) and explain the situation to see if you can get a 1 time exception on the recon fee. The system automatically assigns the recon fee, no one person presses a button for that 😉.