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Stop Over Charging for None used Services.

Here's my Idea. STOP charging me for data usage. I'm already forced to pay extra because I have a Blackberry because I can work a QWERTY phones easier then the touch screen types. Now I'm being charged 5$ extra EACH month for a service I don't and never will use. Like many older people out there my phone is just that a phone not a mini hand held computer.

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You don't get charged for data when you don't use data. However, you do get charged for data when you use it and it is not included in your plan (unless it's an overage). Are you sure it's not your Tab M charge? Tab M charges $5 a month but you get 15% off of your tab based on your plan and it clears within 2 years if it hasn't by then. But Koodo will NEVER charge you for something that you DID NOT use. Will Koodo charge you if you used something accidentally? Yes, but you will have to contact Customer Care to dispute that charge. It's time to stop blaming companies and the fact that you are part of the "older people" who dislike how technology is advancing. It's time to learn. Again.
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What do you mean by "forced to pay extra because I have a Blackberry"? Are you seeing on your bill a specific charge for Blackberry/RIM?