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Still no refer credits 3 months later - no help - no help in person

I signed up for Koodo on August 1, this year, and referred a friend also. We still haven't gotten our referral credits despite receiving those emails on August, 19. Also, there is no way for me to change my friend's name on our shared account, even though they put VV as her name for whatever reason. I paid my first month but I held off paying last month because I assumed this credit had taken care of the bill and I didn't get any email or text. I got a text message this month, which is the first notifying me of anything, and apparently they have the nerve to add a late fee, but still no credits from August 19! I'm very close to switching to another company, as I see so many on here with similar issues. Doing things through this automated account system just doesn't work correctly. I need help manually assigning this credit to my account. Please advise. 

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Hey C88 - sorry to hear that you haven't received your credit yet. We are experiencing a backlog at the moment but August submissions should all be approved by now. Have you checked your email for any updates, or logged into your profile on Koodo.com/refer to check the status of your referrals? If not, please check that and let me know what the status is. I can further look into this from there.
Ranjan, first I got an email from Koodo refer-a-friend- and then 2 separate emails stating the 2 separate $50 referrals we were promised. I paid the first week in the Pacific Centre booth when joining Koodo, and have since paid for one month, and then we now have 2 months worth, so clearly the credit has not been applied. No sign of it on my self-serve log in or bills in PDF form. If I click on the link you gave me, it doesn't allow me to sign in with my account. Does that mean I need a separate log in and password for this comment section, my Koodo self-serve, and this refer a friend link? Three different passwords for the same account?
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Hi there - does your phone number end in 03? If so, I see that two credits worth $50 each were actually applied to your account on Aug. 19 and are reflected on your second bill, dated Sept. 7th. If you log into your self serve account and take a look at your September bill you can see the details on page 2. Let em know if you have any other questions.
But I paid $100 or so myself on credit card, and now have $180 to pay. It's only 4 months maximum of being with Koodo, so how is it possible that if $100 was paid off in addition to the $103.80 I personally paid, that we still have this amount to pay? We're only on the $40 plan, so with it being $44.80 incl tax, getting $50 a piece in credit should have easily left nothing to carry over. In this month':s bill I also noticed that I'm being charged 50 cents more than my partner. A small amount sure, but why? Why are the numbers different in general? They should only be 40 each a month before tax. And also can someone please change my joint partners' name on this account? My name is correct but they just wrote VV for her. The store in person said he can't help me despite setting it up originally, and I could never get through to anyone on the phone.
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Hey now - here's the deal:

1st bill - issued Aug. 7th:
  • Both lines on this account were activated on Aug. 1st and your billing cycle begins on Aug. 8th
  • Your first bill includes partial charges for both lines to pay for service used during the days prior to your billing cycle beginning (Aug 1-7)
  • You're also billed one full month in advance for both lines: Aug. 8 - Sept. 7
  • Your first month is pretty straightforward as the amount charged for both lines is identical
2nd bill - issued Sept. 7th:
  • This bill covers services from Sept. 8 - Oct. 7
  • The $50 refer-a-friend credits for both lines was applied on Aug. 19th, which covered the majority of your first bill, but there was still a balance of $10.50 that carried over from your first bill
  • The rest of your bill was as it should be - no overages
3rd bill - issued Oct. 7th:
  • This bill covers services from Oct. 8 - Nov. 7
  • Past due was cleared
  • Only thing owing was your monthly bill as it should be - no overages
4th bill - issued Nov. 7th:
  • This bill covers services from Nov. 8 - Dec. 7
  • The full balance from your previous bill (issued Oct. 7) was carried forward for non-payment
  • There was a U.S. long distance charge of $0.50 for your number ending in 03 (check out page 5 of your latest bill for details)
  • Other than this, all charges were reflective of your monthly services - no other overages
There has been one credit card payment made to-date - on Oct. 6.

So in summary:
  • The bulk of your first bill was covered by the refer-a-friend credits
  • Payment was received for your second bill
  • Your third and fourth bills are outstanding
With regards to your partners name, we'll need to authenticate and verify your information in order to make this change, and with this being a public forum we can't do so here. I would recommend sending us a private message on Facebook, and one of our reps will be able to help you there.
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Ranjan wrote:

Hey now - here's the deal:

1st bill - issued Aug. 7th:

  • Both lines on this account were...

  • Wow that was very thorough.  C88 you need to pay your bills or you risk your line getting disconnected than then you also have to pay a re-connection fee