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Still Getting e-mails, and bills, for a previous self-serve account after switching names

I recently switched my account and self-serve account to my name (is was previously under my dad's name) but I'm still getting e-mails for the previous self-serve account concerning current bills (which I have already paid). Both accounts are under my current e-mail. What do I do? Will i get charged for an account that doesn't exist? It's for the same phone and plan

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Was the self serve account added as the account owner or as the account manager? If it was as a manager then the other self serve account will still be active.
Sounds like the account is still active if your still getting current bills. Did you do a transfer of ownership from your dad or just open a new account under your own name? If you opened a new account under your own name then the old account will remain active until your dad calls to cancel it or it gets cancelled due to non payment. If you did a transfer of ownership then is there still another active line on the account?? If there is just have your dad change the email address so he gets the bill. Once the account is closed the self serve account also gets closed. Any outstanding balance (or credit) after the account is closed would be sent in a statement by mail.
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Hi Erik, since we can't access your account from here, I suggest that you give us a call (you'll need the PIN # of the previous account) and we'll have a look at it. You can reach us at *611 from your cell or 1-866-995-6636 from a landline, #5. Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.