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Still being charged with a Tab even though I've paid it in full

  • 21 October 2020
  • 3 replies

Hi there,

I was reviewing my bills because I thought they were a bit high. I noticed that I’m still being charged a tab for my phone even though I paid it in full this spring. Can somebody please assist me with this?

3 replies

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Make sure that your self serve account reflects your concern of overpayment. If you keep seeing charges after your tab status reached $0, you  can set up a callback using Koodo Assistant or you can send a private message from your social media account (Facebook/Twitter)

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Can you check your Tab balance through self serve. What does it say 

Also, check your PDF E-bill to see any tab charge/credit on your bill.  

This is resolved. Spoke to a rep yesterday and some system bug was the cause. Cheers.