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Still being charged however already switched providers

I had switched from koodo to another service, however it is saying that I am being charged, and extra at that. My usual bill is around $28 dollars a month and now it's jumped to $86. Is there a departure fee I'm unaware about? I called customer service and it asked me to key in my phone number, however it said that it is invalid. What should be my next step?

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Hi Christina, If you want to bypass the automated system simply press 0 a few times to speak with a rep. As for your bill, you more than likely had a remaining tab balance on your account which got charged to your bill when you cancelled. So in this case where you cancelled that is what is supposed to happen when you leave Koodo, you pay the remaining tab balance plus your last month, but definitely try calling customer service to see if they can go over the invoice with you. Hope that helps
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There is no departure fee. Your final bill includes any overage charges(if any) and remaining of tab charge. Check you bill that should explain what is charges for. Also keep pressing 0 for options when you call Koodo.
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As the others have already mentioned there is no cancellation fee with koodo. You got a discount on the phone you bought from them. This is called the tab. You pay it off by just simply using their services. However, if you leave before the tab is paid back of course you owe it to them. it's really a loan. I wouldn't waste your precious time calling. You will get the same answer. Log in on the koodo website with your old number (I guess you changed it when you switched) and you can see your bills and what you owe as long as it hadn't been 90 days since you left koodo.