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Start Appreciation Program for old customer, .......................

Like offer 10% or something off after you complete your 1 years or there are couple of other ideas 1. Once a customers is 2 year old give him/her phone for 25-50% off. 2. use the service for 12 months and pay for 11 months only. 3. increase the tab limit after completion of 1 year so that customer can get an expensive phone instead of switching provider. 4. once they have paid Tab balance with regular service ( INstant tab payment not included), they can get any phone on promotional price. (less then ticketed price or give them.gift card) above are only few ideas that i have in my mind.................... there are Soo many ideas that i have and by following this king of ideas we can stop customers switching providers and also customer doesn't need to wait for boxing day or any other sales event for promotional pricing.

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