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spending limit program

In my bill of this month I have to pay 57.16 due to august 11, but there is another section in the site called spending limit program tha I must pay 58.27 and don´t detail this payment, so in total I must pay 115.43 I don´t understand this, because this is not in the bill.

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Hi Marcio, None of us here have access to your account... but you can certainly call Koodo (*611) and ask for details about your bill 🙂 They'll be open on Sunday!
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I can explain how the spending limit works at least. Basically when you signed up you were put on a $200 spending cap to make sure that you were able to pay for your bills. In order to prevent you from going too far past your limit your usage fees are calculated ahead of time and applied to the spending limit total, you don't technically owe this amount yet. Now, if the spending limit page says the total is $115.43 you're still safe for now as you're at about 57% but you have gone over your plan somewhere, so you should check Usage, also on Self Serve, and try to keep your usage down to prevent further overages. If your current bill is due the 11th then your cycle doesn't close until the 14th to the 16th (you're given five days before the cycle close date before the bill is due, but if that fifth day falls on a weekend or bank holiday you're given until the next working day for banks, the 11th is a Monday so I can't say for sure without looking at your account, which I cannot do from a public forum for security and privacy reasons) so if you keep using the service that's generating those charges you could see a pretty large bill next month.
Thank's Curtules