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So I'm thinking my phone got cut off, but why is it not letting me call koodo? any ideas?

I don't want the, you should of paid your bill comments lol.. I'm not an idiot i realize that. but, it won't even let me call koodo from my cell phone just says unregistered sim

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Take out your SIM then put it back. Restart the phone. If it still doesn't connect to their network your SIM maybe damaged. If it does you can still dial 611. Or just go online and once you pay the bill they will unsuspend you.
i can't even find my account online:S
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How long has it been since you made your last payment? It's possible that since no payment arrangements were made, your account was closed and may have been sent to collections. This might explain why you're no longer able to call Koodo or have access to your account.
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Hey there, If you don’t have access to your online account any more, give us a call at toll free 1-866-995-6636 from another line and we will try to figure out what happened.
Thank you!