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SIM Card In Transit

Hi everyone,

I switched to Koodo and brought in my phone. So, only the SIM card was shipped for me. The SIM card was shipped on May 9th. When it was shipped, I changed my phone number on self serve to end my contract with Bell assuming the SIM card would be here in a couple of days (3 days exactly as per the tracking information from UPS). Now, for the past four days as I am tracking my package, it is promised to be delivered by the end of the day. But when the day is over, I find this message “ Your package has been delayed due to events beyond our control. We're adjusting delivery plans as quickly as possible.”.

Although it seems like a problem with the shipping company, my issue is that I am being currently billed although that the SIM card was never used. I received my first bill yesterday with additional charges for the days from the date of shipping the SIM until the day of the start of the billing cycle. So, I am being charged now although the SIM card was never here and never used. Anyone can help with that?

Thank you.

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Once you acquire  your SIM card, I would suggest you contact Koodo and ask a rep about it. They might be to give you credit for the days lost due to shipping. 

I was due a UPS package on Monday. Same message on website. Got here Friday. No notice till 8 hours after delivery.