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Signed up for a 'tab medium' plan, canceled within minutes, got a bill for $15 the next month

I signed up for a tab medium a couple months ago because a particular phone I wanted was on sale. As I walked out of the store I discovered a problem with the handset so I went to exchange it but they were out of stock. I did not want a different device so I decided to cancel my plan and return the device. 

I was assured that everything would be refunded and I would have no charges outstanding. 

This week I received an email saying that I owed $15 on my Koodo bill and I would be sent to collections if I did not pay by December 23rd.

What is the charge for? The bill says I paid a $27 in mobile services and $3.50 in taxes with a $15 credit carried over from the previous bill.

Why am I being charged? I never even turned on the phone let alone used it. I canceled my service within minutes of singing up and was assured I would not be charged. 

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It could be automatic charge from the billing system. It could either SIM cost or a month of medium Tab.

You need to contact Koodo directly, (call or facebook/ twitter). Calling is down as of now. Facebook is properly the best choice.