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Shortage by only a few cents.

Hi. I've been with Koodo for a year now and have always had my bills paid on time, but this time I'm short by a mere 28¢ until I get paid, and coincidentally, I get paid on the 16th which is when my bill payment is due. Is there anything I could do so that my service doesn't get cut off or I get billed extra for a late payment? Thanks.

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As long as you pay by the bill due date, you'll be fine.
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They won't shut off your service over $0.28. In addition, late payment charges are only 2% of any past due balance, which would make the applicable late payment charge in this case roughly 0.56 cents.
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Just make the payment short 28 cents. Then when you get the extra money on the due date then pay the extra 28ncents.