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Shock-Free Data Fee

  • 24 November 2016
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So my current plan has Shock-Free Data which should prevent me from going over my data limit. However when I look at my future billing, i see that I will be billed an extra 5$ for an overage of data. I thought that when I reach my data limit, the "shock-free" data would turn itself off, preventing me from going overboard, which was fine by me, even if at an inconvenient time.

Also I have the SMS alerts enabled but it doesn't give me the option of receiving an alert when 100% of my data is used.

So basically the shock free data guarantee cannot be trusted since its giving me a "shock" because my data wasn't turned off when it reached 100% usage, which I wouldn't of minded at all since it was what I was expecting...So in the end whats the point of it if it doesn't do whats advertised and that in the end I still pay some extra fee, even if its as small as 5$.

4 replies

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Hi Michael,

Are you sure your plan is a shock-free data one? Old plans did not get a upgrade to SFD. As long as your notifications are on then you should have gotten the notification. Only time you do not is when you change your plan mid-month. If you changed your plan this month, than the SFD only kicks in during the first full month of SFD
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Michael, looking at your account you are not on one shock-free-data plan. The good news is that it's free to switch online to get that extra feature by simply changing plans. You can see the plans here:

Michael, looking at your account you are not on one shock-free-data plan. The good news is that i...I just switched and added Shock Free but it doesn't seem to give me a Wifi connection. Keeps saying no internet service. Any idea why?
Wow, so i'm sorry, I just looked it up. I thought I had the shock free data since my plan is so recent (October 2016) and I had read somewhere that all new plans (past March 2016) had the "Shock-free data" added automatically. Guess i'll change for the same exact same plan with the shock free data then...!