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"Shock free data"- charged 5$ for .0.9MB, did not reply "YES"


I have a Shock-Free data plan. Used it all with a couple days remaining, turned off automatically as it should. However paying my bill this month- at 11:13pm, just before billing cycle restarted, I see I have been billed $5 for .09MB of data. I did not text "YES" or login online to have my data turned back on for that cycle.

I feel incredibly ripped off and want this charge removed. "Shock-Free data"... yeah right. 

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Hi Kianna, if your sure you have one of the shock free data plans and this occurred then you'll have to call customer service and get them to reverse the charge if it's indeed inaccurate. It costs nothing to dispute the charge so don't worry if you hear you'll be charged for calling in because that's only for making changes to your account your able to do yourself through self serve.
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@Kianna, can you pls send us a quick private message on Facebook so we can look into what may have happened and if there is something off fix it? Thanks!