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Service temporarily unavailable

How can l check my bill if your site that provides that service is temporarily unavailable?

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Hi there Pamela... It is possible that once in a while the system has to get some updates to better serve the clients, if the system remains unavailable for you try to use it with a different browser to see if that is the issue...
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Also try deleting your browsers cache, history & cookies as well as making sure your browser is set to accept cookies. Koodos site is optimized for the newest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer and make sure you have Java installed. If your using one of the above browsers try the other. I use Firefox for PC & the Android app on my phone to access Koodo & only run into issues when the site is temporarily down.
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Do what Kid Android is suggesting. The website is working fine.
I have this problem now.. I've tried with firefox on my laptop and it works.. However I don't want to have to install firefox on my comp just so I can log on to koodo. I've deleted cookies, browsers cache, history, My browser is set to accept cookies.. why did it work before and not anymore? any suggestions?