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Service down due to unpaid bills. Will my missing incoming text messages be delivered when I pay the bills?

I forgot to pay my bills and consequently the service got disconnected last week. I am currently unable to receive any text messages and am worried I might lose any possible incoming texts forever. Will the incoming text messages that I am currently not able to receive be delivered to my device when I finally pay the bills?

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In all likelyhood no. Your phone is out of service so there's no where for the message to go.

have you called Koodo? They normally don't disconnect unless you've been late over 90 days and even then they call and hound you to avoid disruption.

In my experience, Koodo is super friendly and wants to get you back on track,
Find a working phone and give them a call.

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Only the ones that were sent in the past 48 hours. The sms system will attempt to deliver an SMS for 48 hours and then the message is gone. This is a standard amoung Canadian carriers. (I cant remember the exact timing, but i believe it was 48... Maybe 72)