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service disconnection

  • 10 October 2020
  • 4 replies

Why does it say even though my service has been disconnected I should still be able to reach the 227 number without a problem. Because I cannot reach it and have no service  I payed my bill in FULL and none of the services offered will allow me to report the payment to have my services turned back on

4 replies

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Can you access self serve to see if your account is still active? What error message are you getting when you call 227? (also try #227 just in case)

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Please clarify the following:

Are you a recent/ long term koodo Prepaid or Postpaid customer?

How long ago was your service disconnected and why?

Do you currently have a self serve account (which includes status of your account and payment history)?

When did you pay your bill (in FULL) and how did you know what was the amount owing?

What is the ‘227 number’ mentioned?

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Why would they need to clarify all that? It is obvious from their first post what their problem is… just hoping to help them find a solution.

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@Sophia  It was not obvious to me and that’s why I asked for the above noted details.