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Serverely Disappointed

I have recently been charged for weeknight and weekend calls after 5:00. I was told by an agent in September that I should not have been because I have free w/evening on my plan. Which I was reimburse for. Great. It just happen again on my December bill and the agent said I do not have free w/evening and never had on my plan...Wow very disappointed. That is why I got the plan that I have and now they are saying I don't have my free w/evenings. I have been very satisfied with Koodoo's to this point. Now I am severely disippointed that my plan changed without me knowing. Guess now I will have to research other providers.

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It is a bit hard to understand without knowing what plan you are on, Sherry. All Koodo's current postpaid plans offer evening and weekend calling so I'm a bit confused why yours wouldn't work!
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@ Sherry, can you tell us the name of your plan?