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Sending clever text messages

instead of sending the customer a text message stating you are over $30 of your data plan when rooming in the USA, please give more details, including the MB usage, the $amount you are at. All this so a customer would not have a surprise of getting a $80 price tag associated to their bill when they receive a text message telling them they are over $30 (and stopped using data right then)..... I would like an explanation.....

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I think when one travels to the states it's best to have an independent app to track data on your phone. It helps avoid surprises as it measure the data going through your phone right then and there.
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You can download many applications that track your data usage and you can set the date it renews to when your plan renews. I highly recommend it so you can track your usage. Koodo isn't responsible to monitor your data for you. Some people go over their data limit on purpose because they need to, so it should be your responsibility to track it yourself?
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John Lee wrote:

You can download many applications that track your data usage and you can set the date it renews ...

Those aren't always accurate. Besides, if Koodo sends out the aforementioned message, it'd be helpful to both parties. If a person sees exactly why the charge is at a particular amount, they may decide to keep roaming if it's reasonable to them, rather than just shutting off their phone.
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Hi Juan, Your feedback is completely fair and this is something we're going to take back to the team.
Is there something you could do about this now though?
Juan you have to realize nit everything is an instant fix, as frustrating as it is but this is something they'd most likely have to program into an auto massage, which would involve coding.
I used to work for a customer service line for a company in the states, and I would recommend calling into your customer service life for immediate help and information about why you're receiving this charge.
But unfortunately actually programming something, takes time and permission, you should be happy that you're the one who got them looking into three situation in the first place. You may have just fixed everyone's issue if they're Able to do that for you