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second number on my bill

There is a second number, xxx-xxx-xx34 with a billing total of 18.46 including taxes. I do not have two numbers, I only have the xxx-xxx-xx98 number. How do I fix this?

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Please edit out your numbers and send Koodo a message via Facebook or Twitter, and they can look into it. They are off for the evening though, so you will most likely not get an answer until tomorrow. If a member of staff is still here and reads this thread, they may also be able to look into it.
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Tina - when you activate a new account and then port in a number from another provider, as you did, you're given a temporary number until the port is complete (i.e. you already had a phone number that you wanted to bring to Koodo). Because of this, you'll see partial charges associated with that temporary number. Also, when you activate a new line - or change your rate plan mid-cycle for that matter - your charged a portion of the regular monthly charges for that period, until the full month kicks in. Your first bill accounts for the partial charges from the day you activated, until the start of your bill cycle, and then charges for the first full month. Pages 4 and 5 of your bill outline all of this.
Hope that helps.