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Satellite data use in France

  • 1 August 2019
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Does anyone know how this could happen: I turned on my data while in a city in France. Within 1 minute I was charged $100 for usage. Upon returning to Canada and contacting Koodoo, I was informed that I used 20 MB of data and the reason it cost so much was that the data was received via satellite. I would like to know how it is possible that my cell phone can connect directly to a satellite. I was in a busy city in Europe. 97% of France is covered by cell phone networks. I understand if you are on cruise ship, for example, you may receive data through a satellite link.

After one and a half hours on the phone with Koodo, I finally received a refund. Not much of a win : ( Perhaps the worst part is that the representative said that he had the authority to refund the money but chose not to. It was not until I asked to speak to a manager that the refund was offered.

4 replies

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Did you notice what network it was connected to when you got the $100 roaming notification?
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Wow what a terrible experience, especially with the Koodo rep. I’d also like to know how your phone connected to a satellite when in Europe. I wonder if it might be wise to buy a local sim when out of the country.
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You can buy 2gb for 5 euros from Syma and even a package from Free 30 euros for 100gb. Lycamobile has 10gb for 15 euros. And that's just the prepaid options. Always check your prepaid options when travelling first.
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Hey @Emm Fickle - We would be more than happy to look into how this may have happened. When you get a chance please send us a private Facebook message referencing this thread so that we could gain access to your account 🙂