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My question is, I have just canceled my koodo plan but I have a cell phone that I still owe payment on it. I have moved to Greece. My last bill came I just paid half of it cause I paid from my bank in Canada. my account is now empty. I would like to pay the remaining of the bill. Is it possible I could send the money from Greece to your company and how? Please advise. Thank you

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Just pay it online on the koodo website. You can log in for even after you cancelled for a few months to look after any outstanding bills. That's the easiest way to settle you bill.
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Hi Niki, Chris is right! However, you would need a Canadian credit card, under you name, in order to pay via Self Serve. The only other option would be to ask your bank to issue a cheque in Canadian dollars. Don't forget to add your Koodo account number on it. Then you can mail it to this address: Koodo Mobile CP 11005 SUCC Centre Ville Montreal, QC H3C 4T5 CANADA Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.