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Rollover minutes!

This idea used to be on T-Mobile in the USA what feels like AGES ago, and was an idea that was really ahead of its time, I know you now offer a lot of unlimited voice plans, and that's fine, but for those whose voice usage fluctuates as wildly as mine does, this would be great. I'm grandfathered into the 6gb for 60$ plan and while the 250 minutes per month are adequate, my usage fluctuates due to bi-monthly travel for work. This is to say that one month I might use maybe 50 of the "before 5pm and weekend" minutes, but then another month I'll surpass it because of the volume of calls I have to make before five pm during travel. Rollover minutes would be absolutely sensational for such a small amount of minutes. You took away per-second billing, which didn't have that much of a real edge - more of a placebo affect if you ask me - but this would give you such a leg-up against other competitors, and encourage a lot of people to make the switch.

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Bell used to have rollover minutes for a short time but they stopped it. Probably because of low demand and the fact they were making less money on those plans. That's why this is not in practice in any other industry either. Take car insurance for example. I should really only pay a portion on the days that I drive, the rest should be rolled over to the next year if they make me pay an annual fee. Buying additional bulk minutes maybe better.